Lydian Spoofer Security 

We set a very high priority regarding the security of our users without making the product too complicated to use. Our Lydian Spoofer loader comes with a variety of security measures. Without revealing too many details we’ll give you a sneak peek at what we do, to keep you secure:

🔒 Loader never interacts with the game, game window or the game's files but only with your System/Windows

🔒 Automatic process name randomizer as well as a different software signature on every Windows start

🔒 Randomize Hardware values with one click, which will turn every System restart a new identity only being used by you

🔒 Our process randomizer is encrypted to be a file format which only our loader can load and read

Our Spoofer is fully undetected on, Check below list of games.



And More than 100 other games supported